Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ZOOM! Kalifa Limited Edition

One last review before the new year please! Sure, what about a sexy limited figure? It's about Kalifa - POP Limited Edition, the Bubble-Bubble Fruit user is finally released during the month of December. This is the second CP9 member to join our crew, and I can tell that she's got a very nice figure...

[12/29/13] Shot Of The Week!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jump Festa 2014: Undress Rosa... Again!

Megahouse is continuing the S.A.W. operation (Spoil Anime Watchers) with 2 new figures announced during the Jump Festa 2014 that took place the last weekend. As always, we jumped directly to the Megahouse stand, and more specifically where the P.O.P figures are exposed, and... we've got the chance to discover 2 new figures from the Sailing Again line! Megahouse is really concentrated in making figures from the Dressrosa arc, I feel sorry for people who only watch anime (again), this article contains some spoils...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Proxy Service: Chopper Crimin Ver. & Kalifa Limited

7 days only before the new year and Megahouse is still releasing more figures for our passions! We're glad to announce that the Chopper Crimin Ver. and Kalifa Limited Edition are available at our best Japan superhero! Kazuki-san can get you whatever you want from Japan, and for this month, since we've got the release of Tony Tony Chopper Crimin Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again (an exclusive item at the Jump Festa 2014 expo) and Kalifa - P.O.P Limited Edition, you can order them from him before prices go crazy as always...

Monday, December 23, 2013

ZOOM! Rob Lucci Ver. Leopard Kami-e Bushin

I think it's the perfect time to make a review for you guys! I hope you enjoy your holidays! Finally we're getting our hands on the first MAS Series figure! It's the Leopard Kami-e Bushin Ver. of Rob Lucci. The first fully transformed POP figure of a One Piece character is really amazing and original, starting from the pose and reaching the base... So let's enjoy the pictures!

[12/22/13] Shot Of The Week!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ZOOM! Brook Funky Donkey Ver.

It's Cool, FUNKY and colorful! The first limitation of Brook is finally out for our greatest shelves. Nothing special more than shiny paintings, orange base and a new layout for the box, but Brook Funky Donkey Ver. deserves to get some love too...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

No Preorders for December: DON'T CRY LUFFY!

Long time since the last month without Portrait Of Pirates preorders, Megahouse's announced December preorders will be for other series and lines but no One Piece figures. Hopefully, our agendas are already full with 5 releases for this month, and an EXPO in 2 weeks. Let's stay positive, our wallets survived a very massive year, so they can get some rest for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Megahobby EXPO 2013 [AUTUMN]: Undress... Rosa!

On November 30th, the most surprising Megahobby EXPO happened. Seems that Megahouse are changing policies and are improvising to take the lead with very fresh new characters from the Dressrosa arc that have just began in the anime, it's a big spoil for the fans that only watch the TV episodes, 3 of the 6 new figures' characters will be unknown to them. This expo left a lot of us shocked impressed! So let's see what we've got...

Friday, November 29, 2013


Time has finally come to review another awesome figure of a another legendary pirate, this is the third MAX tagged figure and it's huge but amazing! Shiki the Golden Lion, the notorious captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and the first prisoner ever to escape from Impel Down. He wreaked havoc on the seas during Roger's time and is the main antagonist of the 10th One Piece movie. He is also known as the "Flying Pirate".These are more than enough reasons to make him deserve this very rich figure.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ZOOM! Chopperman SUSHI EXPRESS Limited Ver.

It's a good time for a little review of a little but rare figure, it's about Chopperman XVII (yeah, and it's not the last one!). Chopperman SUSHI EXPRESS Limited Ver. is another repaint version of the original one, but this time with sparkle eyes! This piece is exclusive for Sushi Express Restaurants (爭鮮) and never been officially sold. A point that makes of it a rare and expensive item, let's enjoy some pictures.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Megahobby Expo 2013 [Autumn] announcement!

Just a little reminder about the next event since we never announced it before. In 15 days, the most spectacular Megahouse event will happen and it will bring a new wave of new POP figures! Who of us is not impatiently waiting for the next coming ones! Megahobby EXPO 2013 [Autumn] will take place (as usual) at Akiba Square (UDX 2F) from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Japan) in November 30th. We will be the first to announce the next figure, so count on us! Stay tuned guys!

Report: What is PVC?

Almost all of us knows that 90% of our figures are made of PVC, but few are who know the meaning of these three letters, and fewer are who know more about this awesome material! One Piece is cool, and science too! So let's know more about our beloved collection of figures!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Animarket: Preorders open for Luffy Edition-Z and Sengoku LIMITED!

Now our contest is done, we're proud to announce the next preorders of Animarket! There is two amazing pieces that are available on the site of our favorite store! This month, we've got the Edition-Z of Luffy and the former Fleet admiral Sengoku The Buddha! Two awesome pieces that are available at Animarket for exceptional prices! Monkey D. Luffy is the 6th figure of the Edition-Z line, totally badass and cool, the second time-skip figure of the Mugiwaras Captain is rocking! It's open for preorders for $74.84 in place of $79.95. Next is the big and strong Sengoku! Another Limited Edition figure from Megahouse available too for another shocking price: $109.95 only instead of $115.00! What are you waiting for guys? Get your preorders and secure your figures now! Good luck!

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Finally, our photography contest is over, and now we've got our king and, we have to crown it! The battle to the top wasn't easy, there were 24 contestants, and in the final, there is only one winner! Congratulations to Elder Almeida for making the best of him through the 3 rounds! Special thanks to Animarket for sponsoring our contest and being the best store ever! As you know, the prize is a Princess Shirahoshi from Animarket!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z
Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z

Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition

Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition
Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition

ZOOM! Duracule Mihawk Ver.2

Mihawk Ver.2 - P.O.P Neo DX is the next figure we're reviewing. This is the second figure of the Shichibukai and it's totally amazing. Not only a badass character, but the "Greatest Swordsman in the World" is very attractive that he deserves a new statue. Let's see why this figure is so good!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

[VOTES] Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Our brave warriors have made their game, and now, it's your turn guys to select and nominate our winner! Starting from now, votes are open and time has come to thank all our 4 finalists for their time and their passion. You all guys are awesome and made it to the top. Unfortunately, there is only one first place, and only one princess to be conquered! Who of our finalists will get (not only her heart, but all of her) our pretty mermaid princess Shirahoshi? You chose by liking the entry you love to see crowned. Here are our 4 entries for the final round "Toy Story" (Order is chronological from first to last entry). GOOD LUCK! Don't forget, winner will get a free Shirahoshi Sailing Again from our awesome sponsor store: Animarket!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Preorders: Monkey D. Luffy Edition-Z!

Hell yeah! Monkey D. Luffy is finally joining his crew in the Edition-Z collection. It's gonna be the next month preorders. Preorders are announced to be started next Thursday 7th of November 2013 at 09:00 AM (GMT) (06:00 PM Japan) for a future release in March. This figure is still a kind of mystery for us, we haven't see any alternative gadgets yet except for the left hand and the Hat (as always). We hope for more surprises for this Luffy, it's a promising figure. Good luck and Happy preorders!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Welcome to the final round of Shoot'em ALL! You all guys made awesome work and time has come to designate to King of Photographer! Winner will get a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! Good luck for this last fight and here are the rules!

[10/27/13] Shot Of The Week!

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

As we previously announced the winners of the first round, time has come to name our epic warriors who gloriously kept their places and will move to the second and final round! Congratulations to all of our 4 winners that are:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ZOOM! Sanji Edition-Z

Time to make some review for a gentle womanizer, some guy with a pink heart, but a black strong leg! It's Sanji's Edition-Z that we've got for this time! Released on September 2013, the third Edition-Z figure joined the P.O.P line with a lot of style and charisma, so why don't we show more love for?

Monday, October 21, 2013

[VOTES] Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

Votes for the second round are open for now until the deadline! There is no rules for the votes, just like the entries you like on Facebook, multiple votes count too (I gave a vote for every entry already!) So without a long introduction, here are our 8 entries for the second round "Memories" (Order is chronological from first to last entry). GOOD LUCK contestants! Don't forget, winner will get a free Shirahoshi Sailing Again from our awesome sponsor store: Animarket!

[10/20/13] Shot Of The Week!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

Welcome to the second round of Shoot'em ALL, the contest where you can win a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! This round is named "Memories", and to pass this battle, contestants have to memorize an epic scene from the One Piece series (Anime or Manga). The scene can be serious, cool, funny, dramatic, sexy, whatever contestants want. Just make it recognizable! Only 4 winners chosen by votes will pass to the final round! As always, there will be some special rules for this round which are:

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 1: Epic Battles

The moment of truth has finally come! First of all, thank you for all the participants who submitted their entries, that was a very hard time to chose 8 from all these awesome pictures. So good luck for the winners and I hope the others will get a better one in the future contests... Without making a long introduction, let's discover our happy 8 winners who will pass to the second round in order to win a P.O.P Shirahoshi from Animarket!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Animarket: Preorder Now! Zoro EZ, Chopper MAS & Nami MUG Ver.!

Good news for today, Animarket just launch their preorders for October today and it's already big! Roronoa Zoro is back with the 10th P.O.P figure, wearing a red cape and looking so cool! It's the figure we all wanted for Zoro, the attack position! A very worthy figure especially for those who are collecting the Edition-Z series! (Price: $90.00, $85.00Tony Tony Chopper - P.O.P MAS also is a premiere, first time to see Chopper longer than Luffy on your shelves, Megahouse decided to bring another special form of the doctor, better than the classic expensive repaints right? (Price: $75.00$69.95). Finally, we close this news with a delicious piece of PVC! It's the POP Limited Edition Nami MUGIWARA Ver. herself! (Price: $99.95, $89.95) Another awesome surprise from Megahouse, instead of the regular Bikinis or repaints (too!) So thank you Megahouse for your new decisions and choices, and thank you Animarket for being the best! Happy preorders!