Monday, October 14, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

Welcome to the second round of Shoot'em ALL, the contest where you can win a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! This round is named "Memories", and to pass this battle, contestants have to memorize an epic scene from the One Piece series (Anime or Manga). The scene can be serious, cool, funny, dramatic, sexy, whatever contestants want. Just make it recognizable! Only 4 winners chosen by votes will pass to the final round! As always, there will be some special rules for this round which are:

  • First Rule: The scene reconstruction must be recognizable, you don't have to make the same pose for the characters (which is impossible for many scenes) but at least, people can understand it easily.
  • Second Rule: With every submission, include a second file image of the scene you chose.

For the figures, you can use unlimited number of figures, we prefer to see only P.O.P figures but it's allowed to use different collections as a minor part. The scene doesn't have to be a battle scene, we prefer to see different themes this time! We know that our 8 contestants are talented so yes, we're counting on you!  To send your submissions, click on the "Submit" button, pictures must be saved JPEG format and with no compression so we can enjoy full quality! Please include your nickname in the email. GOOD LUCK!

PS: I forgot to include that Photo Editors are permitted for filters only, nothing more for this round.