Proxy Service: Chopper Crimin Ver. & Kalifa Limited

7 days only before the new year and Megahouse is still releasing more figures for our passions! We're glad to announce that the Chopper Crimin Ver. and Kalifa Limited Edition are available at our best Japan superhero! Kazuki-san can get you whatever you want from Japan, and for this month, since we've got the release of Tony Tony Chopper Crimin Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again (an exclusive item at the Jump Festa 2014 expo) and Kalifa - P.O.P Limited Edition, you can order them from him before prices go crazy as always...

Kazuki-san proposed to show us some early pictures of the boxes of these two figures (these are mine!) so enjoy it and like I said, get yours before the others, it's very limited especially for Chopper, other websites stores have already started increasing the price.

Kalifa - P.O.P Limited Edition:

How to get or contact Kazuki-san? It's simple, just push that buton and follow the instructions, you've got a lot of ways to do it, he's a kind awesome and funny person, you'll enjoy talking to him, and once you try his amazing services, I bet you will love him so much!