Animarket: Preorder Now! Zoro EZ, Chopper MAS & Nami MUG Ver.!

Good news for today, Animarket just launch their preorders for October today and it's already big! Roronoa Zoro is back with the 10th P.O.P figure, wearing a red cape and looking so cool! It's the figure we all wanted for Zoro, the attack position! A very worthy figure especially for those who are collecting the Edition-Z series! (Price: $90.00, $85.00Tony Tony Chopper - P.O.P MAS also is a premiere, first time to see Chopper longer than Luffy on your shelves, Megahouse decided to bring another special form of the doctor, better than the classic expensive repaints right? (Price: $75.00$69.95). Finally, we close this news with a delicious piece of PVC! It's the POP Limited Edition Nami MUGIWARA Ver. herself! (Price: $99.95, $89.95) Another awesome surprise from Megahouse, instead of the regular Bikinis or repaints (too!) So thank you Megahouse for your new decisions and choices, and thank you Animarket for being the best! Happy preorders!