[VOTES] Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Our brave warriors have made their game, and now, it's your turn guys to select and nominate our winner! Starting from now, votes are open and time has come to thank all our 4 finalists for their time and their passion. You all guys are awesome and made it to the top. Unfortunately, there is only one first place, and only one princess to be conquered! Who of our finalists will get (not only her heart, but all of her) our pretty mermaid princess Shirahoshi? You chose by liking the entry you love to see crowned. Here are our 4 entries for the final round "Toy Story" (Order is chronological from first to last entry). GOOD LUCK! Don't forget, winner will get a free Shirahoshi Sailing Again from our awesome sponsor store: Animarket!

GOOD LUCK guys, you all are awesome! Votes will take end next Sunday 11/10/2013. Once winner is chose, we will announce it and contact him to take his address in order to ship the prize for him!