ZOOM! Kalifa Limited Edition

One last review before the new year please! Sure, what about a sexy limited figure? It's about Kalifa - POP Limited Edition, the Bubble-Bubble Fruit user is finally released during the month of December. This is the second CP9 member to join our crew, and I can tell that she's got a very nice figure...

Just after 3 Rob Lucci figures, time has come to get a female agent from the CP9. Kalifa is a slim, pretty woman with blue eyes and glasses. Her blonde hair is freely falling on her back. She has small studded earrings and wears a long-sleeved short black dress over a fishnet shirt and stockings along with black gloves and high-heels.

It's incredible how the figure is faithful to the character, starting from the pretty face details and the smooth hair form. The sexy statue comes with 2 faces for Kalifa, the serious and smiley! Both are revealing 2 different expressions, and it's really impressive. Glasses are removable so we get 3 facial options. Hair is so smooth and is paint with Yellow\Light Brown gradient colors.

Kalifa is wearing the sexiest and the most dangerous clothes ever for a man's heart! Her black molded dress is fitting her so well that her body curves are highlighted. Big perverts (like me) will enjoy her black little panties and the high quality of her stocking. For me personally, the most important and attractive details on this figure are the fishnet clothes, they are really impressive with zero errors on it. Something like this is difficult to execute, but seems that Megahouse are always setting the highest standards for their figures!

Who says Devil Fruits, says ability, and who says ability means effects. Some pieces of soap (PVC of course) come with Kalifa to make the soap\shower effect. These gadgets are funny to see and really make of Kalifa a complete figure! I would be really proud if her clothes were removable, or why not having the same figure in Bikini mode? (#Bleeding Nose!)

Dreamers can always dream, let's just cross the fingers for more amazing CP9 characters, after the announcement of Kaku, I'm really expecting Blueno to complete the basic set of the Cipher Pole. That's all for this year! Happy new year my guys and talk to you soon for more reviews...