Monday, December 23, 2013

ZOOM! Rob Lucci Ver. Leopard Kami-e Bushin

I think it's the perfect time to make a review for you guys! I hope you enjoy your holidays! Finally we're getting our hands on the first MAS Series figure! It's the Leopard Kami-e Bushin Ver. of Rob Lucci. The first fully transformed POP figure of a One Piece character is really amazing and original, starting from the pose and reaching the base... So let's enjoy the pictures!

Rob Lucci, CP9's strongest agent is having his third figure, but this time we're glad to see his Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin technique, which makes his hybrid form smaller and thinner. The pose is really badass, since he's standing ready for attack position as a real feline.

Half human, half Leopard, the body of Lucci is amazingly sculpted. His legs are transformed into animal form while his hands are kept normal except the nails. His arms and chest are full of muscles, and his neck is surrounded with fur. The Leopard skin on his body is amazing, each part have a specific level of details, but the continuity between all the skin elements is softly kept, you can see how the texture changes from an area to another without bothering the aesthetic of the figure. On his back, he's got 3 visible (of the 5) scars that make the World Government flag form, they are not just simple paints but they are deep on his back.

The head form is awesome too and it respects all what make of this piece a real masterpiece. The pants is paint with shiny metallic black color, despite the dark shade, we can appreciate the details on it, the belt is darker so it's more visible. Even the tail's slot in the back of the pants is detailed.

The base is original enough to fall for this figure. It's a piece of a scratchy ground with the logo of the series graved in perspective. Despite the absence of the character's name (like we're used to get on the base), this piece is really awesome. We really hope to see more original bases from the MAS series, even that Chopper Horn Point (the next release) will get an ordinary one...