[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Finally, our photography contest is over, and now we've got our king and, we have to crown it! The battle to the top wasn't easy, there were 24 contestants, and in the final, there is only one winner! Congratulations to Elder Almeida for making the best of him through the 3 rounds! Special thanks to Animarket for sponsoring our contest and being the best store ever! As you know, the prize is a Princess Shirahoshi from Animarket!

Our brave Elder Almeida finished the first with 847 votes for his favor! Here is the glorious entry:

Congratulations again for Elder Almeida, besides being our King Of Photographers, you also won a prize from Animarket which is the spectacular Shirahoshi figure! An email will be sent to you to ask for your delivery address. Also, we would like to thanks all the other contestants, hard luck guys and please be there for more contests soon!

Contestant: Percival Flores
Photo Title: Slicing Fruits and Coup De Burst

Contestant: Victor Lopes
Photo Title: Shonen Toys Love Fighting

Contestant: MaraMiku
Photo Title: Chopper feels cotton candy