ZOOM! Sanji Edition-Z

Time to make some review for a gentle womanizer, some guy with a pink heart, but a black strong leg! It's Sanji's Edition-Z that we've got for this time! Released on September 2013, the third Edition-Z figure joined the P.O.P line with a lot of style and charisma, so why don't we show more love for?

So here we go, despite the lack of gadgets or alternative poses that we used to have with all the Sanji figures, it's always a pleasure to get a new one, especially when it's having a cool-heroic-badass-dynamic pose! Yes, Sanji looks really cool holding his weapons with a cigarette over the lips, a big cape in the Doflamingo way and sexy clothes as Don Juan!

This figure have a lot to show, starting from an awesome sculpture and shiny colorful paintings. Clothes' colors range is varied but well matching; purple gloves and shoes, brown\orange jacket, red pants and black for cape. You can see how nice looking it is right?!!

For Sanji, seems that another little base is needed for the base, probably because of its weight, but it doesn't bother since it stands above the big base (red as for all the Z-Editions), so now extra space needed for. Finally, the arsenal is big this time, you've got 4 weapons (but you can't have more than one pose!) which are very detailed and shiny.