Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Megahobby EXPO 2013 [AUTUMN]: Undress... Rosa!

On November 30th, the most surprising Megahobby EXPO happened. Seems that Megahouse are changing policies and are improvising to take the lead with very fresh new characters from the Dressrosa arc that have just began in the anime, it's a big spoil for the fans that only watch the TV episodes, 3 of the 6 new figures' characters will be unknown to them. This expo left a lot of us shocked impressed! So let's see what we've got...

As we previously said, Dressrosa arc have just began in the Anime series, we will not spoil our fans as Megahouse did, so we will just name the characters!

Momonosuke - P.O.P CB-EX: Long time to get a new CB-EX figure, it's the son of Kinemon (we're really surprised that no figure of him is announced yet), the little samurai is looking pretty serious and cute in his POP sculpture, the pose reflects his personality very well. No colored prototype yet but it looks pretty promising...

Bellamy the Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again: Our favorite announcement! Bellamy's time-skip appearance is full of muscles and charisma, make me always remember one of the Lion King hyenas (on the right)... The figure will be a real success when it will be released, most spectacular details are the chest and arms muscles, we hope for some gadgets with the figure, so it will be a perfect release!

Bartolomeo - P.O.P Sailing Again: First new character to be introduced, Bartolomeo's role is still unknown in the manga too, but I can tell you guys, seeing how he was introduced in the story, this guy's got a lot of potential in the future, so he deserves this awesome figure. Looking (and acting) like an ass, Bartolomeo is very cool, the hair is amazing and the face details are very faithful to the character, the uncolored prototype don't show a lot, but I can see a lot of popularity for this one!

Cavendish - P.O.P Sailing Again: Another new character, the handsome pirate is so nice looking holding a flower. The details on the cape, the hat and his hair is awesome, the sculptor is still unknown, but the figure looks so good! Take a look guys:

Kaku - P.O.P Neo DX: Now the introduction of the new characters is done, we're proud to see another CP9 figure, it's Kaku! Despite the simple pose, the figure is cool, we're missing these serene poses recently from the P.O.P series, we still hope for more CP9 figures to complete the set, and until there, we've got Kaku.

Marco - P.O.P MAS: The third figure of the MAS series, Marco's second figure is out of the ordinary; dynamic, badass and colorful! We're really happy with it, and we really hope for more from this series... Price and release date is still unknown, but since we've got a colored prototype of Marco and Kaku, we can predict that these could be the next announcement of preorders...

None of these have known release date or price, so as soon as we get more details we will update you, and before giving you a rendez-vous with the next EXPO, (Jump Festa 2014, in 17 days) here is the other POP figures exposed in the stand, enjoy!