Proxy Service

We all know that the Limited Figures are hard to obtain, it's true that sometimes, we can find it online, but the prices will be certainly very expensive and 3X or 4X doubled! For this reason, we are offering a ‘Japan Proxy’ and ‘Buying service‘ for everything (legal goods) from Japan. Including Auction bidding service (yahoo japan auction etc.) and stuff (artbooks, figures). Our Japanese friend " Naoki-san " will help you to get whatever you want from the country of the rising sun!

  • How to order:

Contact us with your list of wanted items, and we will quote you our prices if we can get them for you. The wanted items can be anything that's legal, no matter if it's related to One Piece or P.O.P. We accept payment via PayPal only.

  • How it works:

Once you pay your goods, we immediately ship it to you, packages are directly shipped from Japan to you with high care in order to keep your goods in perfect conditions.
Shipment can be EMS or Airmail or SAL with registered (tracking code).
We will charge you 15% of the product's price.

Example: for ¥10000 Product:

¥10000 + 15% (¥1500) +Credit Card fees ¥198 + Domestic Shipping + International Shipping fees.

  • Contact :

Facebook Store: Somax-5