Monday, October 28, 2013

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

As we previously announced the winners of the first round, time has come to name our epic warriors who gloriously kept their places and will move to the second and final round! Congratulations to all of our 4 winners that are:

First Place: THE NEW SHICHIBUKAI by Elder Almeida.
Votes: 142 votes.

Second Place: Always Together by MaraMiku.
Votes: 128 votes.

Third Place: ASL The Three Troublemakers by Percival Flores.
Votes: 106 Votes.

Fourth Place: The Soge Slash by Victor Lopes.
Votes: 71 votes.

So, congratulations again for our happy winner, you'll pass to the final round, where there will be only one winner. Prize will be a Shirahoshi Sailing Again Figure offered by our great and best ever store Animarket! Final Round theme will be announced later in the day. Good luck!