Who's next? The Feather character!

Megahouse made a very nice teasing for their next POP MAXIMUM figure... It's just a lot of... feathers! Who do you think this could be? Let try to find out!

Let's see what we have: the P.O.P MAXIMUM logo makes me think it's a pre-timeskip character (or version), if the classification is correct of course.

Secondly, we've got feathers, a lot of them. It could be a flower made of feathers, or it could be just feathers. I really wonder if the person behind this design is a real One Piece fan!

So, who can it be? I've spent some moments during the past days thinking about it. I have tried to remember all the characters that have wings or feathers, but after careful consideration, I am narrowing down the next figure to these three characters!

So I've placed Waipa and Laffite because they are righteous to the title more than Robin, but knowing megahouse (and honestly they are right this time), I don't think it can be a Laffite or a Waipa, I believe it will be Nico Robin MAXIMUM Version!

This will be extremely amazing to see! I really can't wait! Stay tuned guys, we will update as soon as we get any confirmation!