Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Welcome to the final round of Shoot'em ALL! You all guys made awesome work and time has come to designate to King of Photographer! Winner will get a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! Good luck for this last fight and here are the rules!
This last round is called Toy Story! What if your beloved figures have a life when you're away? What if Luffy jump into your freezer and enjoy your meat while you're sleeping, or Sanji enjoying your girlfriend pictures on Facebook? Maybe they are enjoying a video-game on PlayStation, or even making a battle using your Lego pieces, no one can say that these awesome figures that we love so much are just pieces of PVC, so it's up to you to give them a life, and show us how you imagined them doing it. So, for this round, you guys will show love to your figure by giving them life, be creative as always, you're so close!

Special rules:
  • First Rule: You can use other toys\figures, but you must make sure that the P.O.P figures are the most important in your scene. You can even show yourself (sleeping maybe?).
  • Second Rule: For this round, everything is permitted, photo-editors, alien guns, nuclear weapons, anything! Just explode your skills!
You are awesome and talented! So enjoy the last round! To send your submissions, click on the "Submit" button, pictures must be saved JPEG format and with no compression so we can enjoy full quality! Please include your nickname in the email. GOOD LUCK!