Monday, November 11, 2013

Animarket: Preorders open for Luffy Edition-Z and Sengoku LIMITED!

Now our contest is done, we're proud to announce the next preorders of Animarket! There is two amazing pieces that are available on the site of our favorite store! This month, we've got the Edition-Z of Luffy and the former Fleet admiral Sengoku The Buddha! Two awesome pieces that are available at Animarket for exceptional prices! Monkey D. Luffy is the 6th figure of the Edition-Z line, totally badass and cool, the second time-skip figure of the Mugiwaras Captain is rocking! It's open for preorders for $74.84 in place of $79.95. Next is the big and strong Sengoku! Another Limited Edition figure from Megahouse available too for another shocking price: $109.95 only instead of $115.00! What are you waiting for guys? Get your preorders and secure your figures now! Good luck!
PS: Animarket just stated on their last email that there will be a limited quantity, you better hurry-up before it's sold out!