Monday, October 14, 2013

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 1: Epic Battles

The moment of truth has finally come! First of all, thank you for all the participants who submitted their entries, that was a very hard time to chose 8 from all these awesome pictures. So good luck for the winners and I hope the others will get a better one in the future contests... Without making a long introduction, let's discover our happy 8 winners who will pass to the second round in order to win a P.O.P Shirahoshi from Animarket!

A week ago, we launched our contest, sponsored by Animarket. We were very glad to see many people participating in the contest, but in the same time, choosing between all the 24 entries wasn't easy at all. Our choices was based on 3 criteria: Idea or subject of the photo, how the contestant applied it, quality and techniques. So here is the 24 submissions as a start:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, time to nominate our 8 happy winners, the order of the entries is chronological, and... let's start:

Contestant: MaraMiku

Contestant: Elder Almeida

Contestant: Oxsun

Contestant: Victor Lopes

Contestant: Percival Flores

Contestant: ArtifcialKid

Contestant: Liem Andre

Contestant: Ivan Koilam

Congratulations for all of you guys, you did awesome photos, but the war has just begun! Welcome to the second round, theme will be announced soon!