Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Curse is broken! New Reiju P.O.P!

Finally, hallelujah! Megahouse is teasing a real new character! The curse is broken! Are you ready? Here is a Reiju P.O.P for tomorrow!

Preorders Announcement: Dracule Mihawk Ver.2 - 3rd Reprint!

Megahouse's preorders for the next month have been announced, it's another deception yet, it's just another reprint, for the third time, Mihawk VER.2 - P.O.P Neo DX  is hitting again!

Preorder NOW! Ace, Law & Boa Hancock

If you're willing to buy any of this month's preorders, here are they! Portgas D. Ace P.O.P x VAH, Trafalgar Law Ver.VS & Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP are up for preorders, here is some useful deals!

Friday, July 28, 2017

ZOOM! Kalifa Ver.BB

The only release of the month is another BB figure, the sexy CP9 lady is getting almost naked for the pleasure of her lovers and the interest of Megahouse. Money talks, and this another figure to ruin your collection.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 Good Reasons to NOT BUY the new Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP!

Megahouse have just announced their 13th BB figure! Huge number, but when you look closer, there is only few figures under this label, too much reprints and worthless releases, today, I give you five good reasons to not buy the latest one, the Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Is Megahouse Teasing a New Doflamingo P.O.P ?

The new Trafalgar Law figure's official posters have been released, this new figure is released with "Ver.VS" label, which is the short term for Versus, it's normal since Law's pose is taken from a fight scene between him and Doflamingo, but wait a second, I see something interesting in the pictures, could it be?... Is Megahouse teasing some new Doffy figure?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Megahobby EXPO 2017 [SPRING]: The End of an Era!

Megahobby EXPO 2017 [SPRING] happened a month ago, it was so disappointing that I needed too much time to be able to review it, Megahouse is still running its fan-service machine, and it's causing the end of the P.O.P era...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New KABUKI figure announced! Monkey D. Luffy [REPLAY]

Megahouse is announcing a new KABUKI Edition figure, unfortunately, it's just another Luffy figure, called Monkey D. Luffy [REPLAY] - P.O.P KABUKI Edition, we already know a lot about this one.

Preorder Now! Portgas D. Ace P.O.P x V.A.H

Next P.O.P preorders (which are not really P.O.P preorders) are here, it's all about the new Ace articulated figure, the fusion between V.A.H and P.O.P series are bringing bigger action figures with higher quality!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Portgas D. Ace - P.O.P x V.A.H

Portgas D. Ace - P.O.P x V.A.H
Portgas D. Ace - P.O.P x V.A.H

ZOOM! Cavendish RE:Cavendish

The new Cavendish figure is out, it's looking good even the difference between the two figures are just the Hakuba mask, which represent something for the Pirate Prince fans. Here is it! ZOOM!