Friday, July 7, 2017

Megahobby EXPO 2017 [SPRING]: The End of an Era!

Megahobby EXPO 2017 [SPRING] happened a month ago, it was so disappointing that I needed too much time to be able to review it, Megahouse is still running its fan-service machine, and it's causing the end of the P.O.P era...

It was really sad to admit this, I still hope I am wrong, but the figures I can see coming until February 2018 are all repaints, reprints, BB, SOC blablabla There is nothing new at all, even the announcement of a new Luffy figure to celebrate 20 years of One Piece, an announcement that got too much hype, was a disappointment since it's just a reprint of Luffy Ver.2 Sailing Again with some meat and a smiley face.

We only got that idiot reprint of Luffy, a new S.O.C figure (of course), it's Portgas D. Ace who is back from the dead to take a chair and throw some shoes in front of him, Ace is also back for an action figure, a fusion between P.O.P and V.A.H that looks good but useless.

We also have got a new Trafalgar Law figure, (again?) this is the one that can bring some hope for a better future, it's called Ver.VS (VERSUS) Law is fallen on the ground, trying to defend himself against someone... Let me guess, is it a spoiler for a future Doflamingo? I would love to have this one, but if they will keep Law facing an invisible enemy, better skip this one! The Versus tag can bring some action scenes to the series, we need to look for it in the future!

Finally, we've got another BB figure, I think Megahouse means Boring Babe with the BB term, since they overused it, they inflated the market with all these naked ladies from the series, enough Megahouse, please stop! This is Boa Hancock Ver.BB_02, it looks good BUT BORING, there is no need for these, I already stopped buying the BB and ejected the idea of collecting all P.O.P figures from my mind, I will be more selective in the future, because Megahouse don't know when to stop. I hope more guys will do like me.

That's all, see you next time for the Wonder Festival 2017 [SUMMER]! Stay tuned!