The Curse is broken! New Reiju P.O.P!

Finally, hallelujah! Megahouse is teasing a real new character! The curse is broken! Are you ready? Here is a Reiju P.O.P for tomorrow!

This is no spoiler anymore, Reiju, the sister of Sanji is getting POP'd! Megahouse just teased via Tweeter a picture of the details of one of the P.O.P that will be revealed during the Wonder Festival. A new character is finally here, is it the end of the BB era, probably not since they also have announced a new Nico Robin Ver.BB_02 too, I don't really care about this one, we've got the Reiju! 

See you later for a full WF coverage! Stay tuned!

Card for Reiju - P.O.P Limited Edition

Card for Nico Robin Ver.BB_02 - P.O.P Limited Edition