Saturday, July 29, 2017

Preorder NOW! Ace, Law & Boa Hancock

If you're willing to buy any of this month's preorders, here are they! Portgas D. Ace P.O.P x VAH, Trafalgar Law Ver.VS & Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP are up for preorders, here is some useful deals!

The preorders are up almost everywhere, the price is the most important thing we are looking at, next is the honesty of the seller, so we maybe will put only links from Nippon Yasan this time, their prices are good and we're feeling great when buying from them, so we share this experience with you guys, but if you find something better, just comment and we will update the list of the links ^^

That's it folks! See you later tonight for the Wonder Festival 2017 [SUMMER], and next week for the next preorders! Stay tuned!