Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 Good Reasons to NOT BUY the new Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP!

Megahouse have just announced their 13th BB figure! Huge number, but when you look closer, there is only few figures under this label, too much reprints and worthless releases, today, I give you five good reasons to not buy the latest one, the Boa Hancock Ver.BB_SP!

Too much BB figures, the more you buy, the more they keep releasing, and the less new worthy characters we will get! Even if you are a lover of the ass, you will miss some amazing Baby 5, Reiju or Monet, all what you will get is an infinity of BB figures with the same characters.

Bodies are getting out of proportions more and more, this Boa Hancock have too much breasts that it's strange to look at, this is not Boa Hancock anymore, they are just selling sex appeal to take your money, compare this with the first time Boa wore a Bikini, later with the first BB figure, then with the 3D2Y version, and now with this one, can you see it? No, because that's what they want, keep you blindly pay!

They will make repaints for sure! Just like all the old BB figures (except Robin), almost all of the released BB figure have been released a second time with different colors, don't worry about Vivi, I bet they will do it too! And I think this Boa won't be any exception. Why pay for a figure that will lose it's value later with a stupid reissue.

Base is the same as another Megahouse figure, Megahouse is not even trying to take new steps with us, they are even worse, they can't even make some new base for the figure, they just took the base of Kunoichi from Bikini Warriors series and placed it under Boa. There is no respect in this, honestly, this needs to stop!

No creativity, Megahouse is getting our money with the easiest methods, they are just making money with the laziest works, celebrating the GOLD film with a golden repaint of the first Boa, re-releasing Luffy Ver.2 Sailing Again with some new accessories to celebrate 20 years of One Piece, while other companies made exciting new lines with all the crew.

It's really a pain to say that Megahouse left the road for many parallel lines, it's legitimate to think about making money, that's their purpose in the end, but when you overuse something, it becomes boring, and sooner or later, people have started leaving and the P.O.P figures values already lost too much, we need some miracles!