New KABUKI figure announced! Monkey D. Luffy [REPLAY]

Megahouse is announcing a new KABUKI Edition figure, unfortunately, it's just another Luffy figure, called Monkey D. Luffy [REPLAY] - P.O.P KABUKI Edition, we already know a lot about this one.

This is going to be a simple repaint of the first one, we will only get some different colors, no new pose, maybe some gadgets (which is not expected) but it's just another repaint to prove that Megahouse are the laziest figure creators of the world.

Why is it labeled : [REPLAY] ? Because the Kabuki piece of theater is happening this year too, it will be the 6th of October 2017, so this is from where comes the [REPLAY] term, and you all know the laziness of Megahouse! In place of getting some badass Zoro, Usopp or Sanji, even a tiny Chopper will make the fans happier than a repaint.

The release date of the figure will be on February 2018, the price is set for ¥16.799, that's all for the moment, we will update once there is some news! Stay tuned!