Is Megahouse Teasing a New Doflamingo P.O.P ?

The new Trafalgar Law figure's official posters have been released, this new figure is released with "Ver.VS" label, which is the short term for Versus, it's normal since Law's pose is taken from a fight scene between him and Doflamingo, but wait a second, I see something interesting in the pictures, could it be?... Is Megahouse teasing some new Doffy figure?

You don't need a hawk's eyes to clearly see a shadow of the Shichibukai approaching Trafalgar Law, in one of the picture promoting the figure, there is a clear shadow with a potential attack pose of Doflamingo, if such a tease is happening, it will be the set of the year and the second most important release of the year, after Luffy's G4!

We can clearly see a silhouette of Doflamingo's body; his legs, the feather coat, and a sort of attacking hand with open fingers, probably manipulating some strings for an attack. What's sure, this is not the silhouette of the DX figure, made by Ishiyama Yuuki back in 2012 (golden days of P.O.P).

If this is true, it's gonna be amazing, we will maybe manage to see something good during the next Wonder Festival, next week! See you there, and stay tuned!