Monday, October 28, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Final Round: Toy Story

Welcome to the final round of Shoot'em ALL! You all guys made awesome work and time has come to designate to King of Photographer! Winner will get a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! Good luck for this last fight and here are the rules!

[10/27/13] Shot Of The Week!

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

As we previously announced the winners of the first round, time has come to name our epic warriors who gloriously kept their places and will move to the second and final round! Congratulations to all of our 4 winners that are:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ZOOM! Sanji Edition-Z

Time to make some review for a gentle womanizer, some guy with a pink heart, but a black strong leg! It's Sanji's Edition-Z that we've got for this time! Released on September 2013, the third Edition-Z figure joined the P.O.P line with a lot of style and charisma, so why don't we show more love for?

Monday, October 21, 2013

[VOTES] Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

Votes for the second round are open for now until the deadline! There is no rules for the votes, just like the entries you like on Facebook, multiple votes count too (I gave a vote for every entry already!) So without a long introduction, here are our 8 entries for the second round "Memories" (Order is chronological from first to last entry). GOOD LUCK contestants! Don't forget, winner will get a free Shirahoshi Sailing Again from our awesome sponsor store: Animarket!

[10/20/13] Shot Of The Week!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Round 2: Memories

Welcome to the second round of Shoot'em ALL, the contest where you can win a Shirahoshi figure from Animarket! This round is named "Memories", and to pass this battle, contestants have to memorize an epic scene from the One Piece series (Anime or Manga). The scene can be serious, cool, funny, dramatic, sexy, whatever contestants want. Just make it recognizable! Only 4 winners chosen by votes will pass to the final round! As always, there will be some special rules for this round which are:

[RESULT] Shoot'em ALL Round 1: Epic Battles

The moment of truth has finally come! First of all, thank you for all the participants who submitted their entries, that was a very hard time to chose 8 from all these awesome pictures. So good luck for the winners and I hope the others will get a better one in the future contests... Without making a long introduction, let's discover our happy 8 winners who will pass to the second round in order to win a P.O.P Shirahoshi from Animarket!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Animarket: Preorder Now! Zoro EZ, Chopper MAS & Nami MUG Ver.!

Good news for today, Animarket just launch their preorders for October today and it's already big! Roronoa Zoro is back with the 10th P.O.P figure, wearing a red cape and looking so cool! It's the figure we all wanted for Zoro, the attack position! A very worthy figure especially for those who are collecting the Edition-Z series! (Price: $90.00, $85.00Tony Tony Chopper - P.O.P MAS also is a premiere, first time to see Chopper longer than Luffy on your shelves, Megahouse decided to bring another special form of the doctor, better than the classic expensive repaints right? (Price: $75.00$69.95). Finally, we close this news with a delicious piece of PVC! It's the POP Limited Edition Nami MUGIWARA Ver. herself! (Price: $99.95, $89.95) Another awesome surprise from Megahouse, instead of the regular Bikinis or repaints (too!) So thank you Megahouse for your new decisions and choices, and thank you Animarket for being the best! Happy preorders!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shoot'em ALL Round 1: Epic Battles

Well, here we go with the first round of our contest! Ready, steady, GO! First round is named: Epic Battles! I guess you guys already understand what I'm talking about, yes, the theme of your submissions must be battles scenes. It doesn't have to be more than one figure, you're free to do whatever you want, just show us some badass figures! Image retouches are allowed, (Photoshop users must be very glad of this). For this round, there will be 2 special rules...

[10/06/13] Shot Of The Week!

Photography Contest: Shoot'em ALL! Rules and conditions

Today we're announcing the new contest that we previously talked about on Facebook, this contest need one skill, the photography. With some clicks on your camera, you can be our King Of Photographers and win a Portrait Of Pirates Sailing Again - Shirahoshi figure, a valuable prize offered by the best shop ever Animarket!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

ZOOM! Edward Newgate Ver.0

The second part of September's Legendary-Release is the man that was known as "The Strongest Man in the World" after Gol D. Roger's death. It's Edward Newgate, more commonly known as "Whitebeard" and this figure is just  a little tribute to his glory young days. Let's go deeper with Edward Newgate Ver.0!

Proxy Service: Get your Sexy Ladies!!!

Our favorite Japan proxy service can bring everything, even sexy ladies gentlemen! Actually, with all the last announcement about the new limitations, Kazuki-san can provide any rare figure you're looking for, the recent figures are: Nami MUGIWARA Ver., Kalifa, Chopperman Yellow Ver., Chopperman Mugiwara Store Ver. 2013 and more! Only one place: Kazuki-san's proxy service, so what are you waiting for? Click! Click!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Preorders: Zoro Edition-Z & Chopper P.O.P MAS!

Next preorders are announced guys! It will be Roronoa Zoro Edition-Z and Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point P.O.P MAS. Preorders are announced to be started next Wednesday 9th of October 2013 at 09:00 AM (GMT) (06:00 PM Japan) for a future release in February. Prices are still unknown for Chopper, but Zoro's price is ¥8800. Once preorders are available, we will hit you again guys, so until there, stay tuned!

[09/30/13] Shot Of The Week!