Saturday, October 5, 2013

ZOOM! Edward Newgate Ver.0

The second part of September's Legendary-Release is the man that was known as "The Strongest Man in the World" after Gol D. Roger's death. It's Edward Newgate, more commonly known as "Whitebeard" and this figure is just  a little tribute to his glory young days. Let's go deeper with Edward Newgate Ver.0!
This figure's got so different ways to love or hate it, both are easy to tell, but it's another symbolic figure that fans should get. We're going to review the figure basing on the chronological impression when discovering the figure the first time!

[Package opened, figure installed on its base] I LOVE IT! This is a very huge, detailed and awesomely painted, the colors are bright and the pose is cool. Young Whitebeard is standing like a fearless man, his new head is awesome, especially his shiny hair the large smile and his pirate hat.

[You look closer and compare it, especially with the old Whitebeard figure] It's not really a problem that the body is the same, they just replaced the head with another, but... only the head ? Cape is same, pants and boots too, even the weapon is same, only the colors are shinier or have been changed. The scars on his chest are the same [Dude, that's normal]. After all, this is not really a young Whitebeard, he's 52 on this figure (72 years when he died). But let's see the figure next to Roger: Golden age of piracy, when the big heads used to rule the sea! Epic scene on your desk!

[You pick up the figure and go to put it on the shelf, suddenly you almost dropped it, but only its hat is down] OMG, this is a shame! [You discover the figure without the hat] Bro, you look so terrible! I'm sorry Megahouse, do you call this a head? Actually, the worst detail of the figure is the heads without the hat, the bandana looks so plane, and all looks so weird without the hat, I guess they haven't managed to make a pose without it. So, never do it too! Just keep it in your shelves as it is.

[You look at it on your shelves, wondering if your money was gone for a good reason...] Yes, it worths it, the figure in all is awesome and amazing, despite the lack of new details when comparing to the first DX, this is another good one to get. After all, Garp Ver.0 was worth it too. And the old piracy age is a must have collection (Garp Ver.0, Roger and Whitebeard Ver.0), let's just hope that Megahouse won't do that more in the future, it's a silly way to get easy money from fans.