Photography Contest: Shoot'em ALL! Rules and conditions

Today we're announcing the new contest that we previously talked about on Facebook, this contest need one skill, the photography. With some clicks on your camera, you can be our King Of Photographers and win a Portrait Of Pirates Sailing Again - Shirahoshi figure, a valuable prize offered by the best shop ever Animarket!

How will the contest happen:
Since we are all One Piece fans, we've decided to make a Battle-Royale theme to support Luffy in the arena... (don't spoil people guys!). So in order to become the King Of Photographers, you must survive to the last round and win it! There will be 3 rounds, let me explain how.
  • First round: No matter how many contestant there will be, only 8 will survive the first round, so you better use your devil-fruit and show your skills from the beginning. The winners will be chosen by us, the tenryuubito! (oops) I mean the rulers of the contest. We will pick up the best 8 contestants and move them to the second round.
  • Second round: Another theme, more rules! Nah I'm joking, the only difference between first and other rounds are the votes, this time, visitors are the rulers, every visitor can vote for one contestant, of course no multiple votes are allowed. The votes will be added into a poll visible for everyone of you. You can push your friends to vote for you. By the end of the second round, only 4 contestants will remain that will fight in the final round!
That's for the rounds, let me explain how the period of each round will be like, the contest will start next Monday, each round will have a 2 weeks cycle:
  • First week for the submissions: We reveal the theme on Monday, and until Sunday we will be accepting submissions.
  • Second week for votes: Revelation of the photos and start votes on Monday, end of votes and announcement of the winners on next Sunday.
Some rules you must know:
  • No submissions will be accepted when the first week is over, there will be a countdown timer so you can know if you've got time or NOT! Same for votes too!
  • All the photography must show at least one figure from the Portrait Of Pirates Collection, you can take only the shadow of the figure if you want for example, the important thing is that we can recognize which figure is it.
  • Your pictures must follow the theme, else your submissions will be rejected.
  • One picture per contestant, we will not accept multiple entries.
  • Your pictures (of each round) must be kept secret until the period of votes is open, if we get notified that you cheated using someone else's picture, or shared yours somewhere else, you're directly out!
  • Once our happy winner is selected, Animarket will directly take his address and ship the figure to him, in case of non response for 30 days, we will contact the contestant who was the next by votes to get the figure, and so on (LOL).
That's it for the moment, we know there is a lot of you that have art in blood, so show us your talent guys! Good luck and see you soon with the announcement of the first theme! See you Monday!