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Sunday, July 26, 2015

[EXPO] Monkey D. Luffy Ver.2 - P.O.P Sailing Again

ZOOM! POP CB Series - CB-3R

And here is the last wave of CB re-editions, it's CB-3R! Franky, Vivi and Usopp - P.O.P CB-3R. As the 2 previous sets, the differences remain very little, only the bases' got colors, and the color schemes are better! Anyway, here are the figures we're talking about! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Shots of Eustass Kid Limited Edition

The new Eustass "Captain" Kid figure will be on your shelves soon guys, I know that many of you are really excited for this one, just like me, so what about taking a new fresh look at the final product? Ladies and gentlemen, here is "Eustass "Captain" Kid - P.O.P Limited Edition"! Warning: This figure is so good that you should care for your eyes! High risk of tears.