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Monday, March 27, 2017

Preorder Now! Kalifa, Tashigi & Nami BB

Guys, preorders are already open since a while at some stores, we decided to take a while before posting this to decide which store is delivering the best price, so if you are looking for the next BBs' Nami, Tashigi and Kalifa, here you got served!

A new BB Bundle with Limited Poster!

Hey guys, another bundle is waiting for you, it comes with another Limited Poster, let's see what's this...

Extra New Shots of Boa Hancock Ver.3D2Y!!!

At least, this is not a BB figure, are you ready for the new Boa Hancock figure? It's the 3D2Y version, and it's got released, let's see how is the final product!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

[03/26/2017] Shot Of The Week!


During all these year, we only got three MAX-labeled figures, and I think they were all much appreciated by the community, so what about the next one? The MAX'd Luffy G4? Are we still excited for this one? YES!