Megahouse's Kozuki Hiyori, what we know so far!

It was a great Jump Festa yesterday, we're very happy to see the new figures Megahouse revealed, but something suddenly got all my attention, and my little heart melted, I see a Kozuki Hiyori in all her splendor, and on the card I saw Megahouse! But, it's not a P.O.P... (for the moment)

Yes,  Megahouse is doing more One Piece stuff under other brand names, after the V.A.H, Stuffed Collection and even G.E.M series, Megahouse is collaborating with Kyugetsu, a Japanses-Dolls-company to produce a totally amazing and great piece of Kozuki Hiyori, Oden's daughter, showing the beauty of the country of harmony princess, with real textile clothes, made with such great details, I let you enjoy the pictures but first, let me tell you some points about this amazing Doll/Figure hybrid!

1- The figure body is certainly made by Megahouse (hair/face/accessories), and of course, Kyugetsu will be in charge for the textiles, seeing their products, they are really good for this!

2- The figure looks bigger than a 1/8, which is the default P.O.P figure ratio size, the photos can be leading to a bad size expectation, usually, dolls makers make it up to 1/4, but good news here is that Kyugetsu  have dolls that are 1/8 and up to 1/4, so there is very few chances this is a P.O.P scale fit, but we can't live without hope right?

3- And finally, the price! Get ready cause this will not be cheaper than a P.O.P MAX Kaido or Big Mom! Kyugetsu dolls can reach up to 150k Yen! But depending the size, seeing their product lists, I think this will be between 40K and 60K if it's a small one (1/8 or 1/6). So if you are willing to buy it, wallet need to be ready!

All we have to do is to wait now, coming days we will certainly hear more details and see more photos, and until there, I hope you have enjoyed our Jump Festa P.O.P photos, stay tuned!

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author: ala21ddin21