Friday, May 25, 2018

Sanji Ver.WD & Vivi Ver.BB_02: Revealed!

Just few hours before the opening and the start of the greatest show, the Megahobby EXPO, we have the revelation of two of the future POP releases! And it's all royal revelations, prince and princess are here, Sanji Ver.WD and Nefertari Vivi Ver.BB_02!

I will be honest, I was just talking to my friend Jose-san, and I just told him "OMG, I love this Vivi!". Yes, and it's another rule breaker for me, the colors of the lady are just taking my attention away, she looks really gorgeous with her sexy bikini and long hair! I will try to not fall in the trap and buy it! Release date is November 2018.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the guy who refused to continue his dream to save his adoptive father, the guy who risked his life to save his biological (bad) father, it's all about Sanji that's we're talking, he's ready to get married and becomes a father too, wait, but (spoiler) THE WEDDING IS JUST A FAKE STORY! (spoiler)! Who cares, Megahouse is releasing a figure to celebrate the Vinsmoke / Charlotte wedding (BUT NOT THE 20 YEARS OF ONE PIECE!!!) and the figure looks awesome! If you're going to ask why is his face is very white, you should be up to date with the story, it's a kind of mask to hide a broken face! Release date is set to be October 2018, price is ¥9990.

That's all guys, I hope you like both of the figures, and wait for tonight, the big show is about to get started soon!