Sunday, February 11, 2018

Vivi and Rebecca are next in the BB line!

While we're all happy celebrating the new Reiju (first version), and the excellent Jinbei SA-MAX, while we're all waiting to see the colored badass Bege Capone figure and the amazing WhiteBeard silhouette to be revealed, Meghaouse just announced throught the official One Piece website some disasters... Rebecca is joining the BB line, and Vivi is coming again!

So it's true, the BB series is not ending tomorrow, Vivi Ver.BB_02 will be released in November, while Rebecca have been listed to get released in December 2018. So for 2018, there will be 3 BBs in total, except the new Nami figure, (which is not a BB after all!)

Well, for the moment, this is acceptable, since serious releases are being announced, so I don't mind spending some more (hard to earn) money to complete my collection, in condition that Megahouse keep the line good and won't ruin my years of spending and collecting. We'll see during the Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] expo next week.

To be continued...