Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Charlotte Katakuri & Boa Hancock MAX Announcement!

OMG, this is one of the best days ever! Long time since the last time we've got so much please in one day, are you ready? You've got 3 new P.O.P announced, and it's going to be a pain for your wallet, but who cares, it's two MAXIMUM figures and it's Boa and Katakuri! Yes, Charlotte Katakuri is finally here, (well, just announced)

I totally forgot the third one, It's Sanji Ver.WD (for wedding), so we're getting a handsome Sanji with his white costume, ready to got the heart broken, but especially to be a part of the collection too!

So it's going to be Katakuri, yes, I personally wanted that badass to be introduced to the line, he's a popular and cool character, I don't want to spoil the anime watchers, but this guy has got a lot to show, and he perfectly deserves its place, better than any other character. Katakuri will get a MAX labeled figure, so get ready to get some high prices and make your wallet ready! Release is December 2018.

Next is Boa Hancock, (well, less hype since I already have 8 P.O.P figures of her), but since it's a MAX figure, I expect a huge thing, probably with her snake Salome, I just hope they will not make her boobs MAX'd! It's the first female to get introduced to the MAX series, release date is January 2019.

Finally, another good news, Sanji's wedding, it's not happening everyday so it's better to celebrate it and keep a good souvenir from the event, Megahouse is respecting this event and announced a new figure, Sanji Ver.WD that will get released in November 2018!

Good news everywhere, I hope this will keep your flame as now we can see a brighter future to the series, it's going to be MAXIMUM expensive, but it deserves it! So, I guess there are some good stuff to see during the Megahobby this month! So stay tuned!