Monday, June 26, 2017

Ace P.O.P X V.A.H: Because why not?!

Megahouse is keeping releasing the same characters again and again, and to look smarter, they are trying to make "innovations" from time to time, this new Portgas D. Ace is the perfect example, why are we getting a hybrid of P.O.P and V.A.H? But, why not?

First of all, I'm not expert with variable figures, I just prefer static poses and statues, always think that it looks better without these articulation joints, so, honestly, I don't see anything different from the first V.A.H Portgas D. Ace and this one. Except some additional faces maybe. But what is the relation with P.O.P?

Recently, we have found a scanned magazine page from TAGHobby that shows more about the coming Ace. The only relation that can link both P.O.P and V.A.H are the poses that you can make with this articulated Fire Fist statue. You can get the same pose as the DX versions of Ace! Idiot, don't you think?

That's the worst marketing I ever saw, using a popular title to promote something useless, shame on the minds behind Megahouse! I really hope I am wrong, if you are talented in Japanese you can help reading and decoding the holy text on this page, maybe you can help!