Preorder now! Monkey D. Luffy GEAR FOURTH BOUNDMAN SA-MAX!

Today opens the preorders for the next geat Megahouse figure, Monkey D. Luffy GEAR FOURTH BOUNDMAN - P.O.P SA-MAX preorders are available, and we have spotted the best deals for you!

No Animarket this time, since our beloved store is closed now, we decided to not make any sponsoring anymore and go straight with the best deals available, so it's up to you guys!

The preorders are open at 3 stores, Big In Japan was the first to do it few days ago, later Solaris Japan, and today, the official day of preorders Nippon Yasan and some other stores are joining... Here are the three deals I spotted, it's up to you how you deal with it.

I personally will go with Nippon Yasan, no direct payment needed so it fits my pocket hahaha... If you guys find any other good deal, please comment below and I will add the link to the article, thanks.

Monkey D. Luffy GEAR FOURTH BOUNDMAN will be released in September 2017!

Don't forget to compare even the shipping rates, it's different from a website to another! That's it folks! Good luck and happy preorders!