Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tashigi Ver.BB_WHITE announced! The nightmare continues!

Another BB yet, another repaint, it seems Megahouse is keeping this nightmare for a longer period, another BB figure is announced, it's named Tashigi Ver.BB_WHITE - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition... Yes, it seems to be a simple repaint of Tashigi Ver.BB.

After the big fail of some shops to deliver this item, Megahouse is relaunching the figure with a different color (It's not confirmed yet as it can be another figure, but we all know Megahouse and its laziness) Tashigi will be wearing white for this time. Another bad step from Megahouse as it starts to lose fans, but it seems that they don't really care for us anymore...

The figure should be released in August 2017, along with Nami Ver.BB_03. I hope we will not get a fourth one from the next event by the way... Stay tuned for some light of hope guys!