Friday, August 5, 2016

Animarket: Sabo SOC, Nami BB_02 Repaint & Chopper Shibuya Limited preorders are OPEN!

Preorders are officially launched at Animarket, and we've got a third figure, a little surprise for those who wanted it, the third Chopper Crimin Ver. a.k.a Shibuya Limited Edition! Here is what we've got!

The second Sit On Chair figure is here, Sabo looks great, and honestly, despite I didn't like the figure at first time I saw it, I definitively changed my mind when I saw the quality of the figure, check out the chair and the details of his clothes, OMG! Sabo preorders are launched for 121,50 USD at Animarket, best price available! Release date is expected to be November 2016.

While Nami Ver.BB_02 Repaint, that little "surprise" Megahouse made is here too, with a yellow/pink color theme that looks sexy and nice (despite some useless of the figure), but it is here anyway, the price is awesome too, it's 91 USD.

Finally, that Chopper (which is supposed to be EXCLUSIVE) is available at Animarket too! A piece which is exclusive for limited period on the BOOSTER website (Kickstarter like), collaboration between Shibuya PARCO and Mugiwara Store work is available for 47 USD, release date is December 2016.

That's all folks, preorders are open from now until August 20, 2016. good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!