Animarket: Bartolomeo KAI, Luffy I.R.O & Boa BB GOLD preorders are OPEN!

Better late than never, Animarket finally opened preorders, they are here; the new Bartolomeo figure, She-Luffy and Golden Boa!

Finally, the preorders of Animarket are open, a little bit late, it's true, but it was so obvious that they will do as always, and they are always keeping their promises to bring great prices! So for this month, we've got the preorders of 3 figures; Bartolomeo Kai Ver., the rare figure of Bartolomeo with some new stuff, they added the "bari bari no pistol" effect for his right hand and it's very cool! Barto is expected to be released in October 2016, Animarket's price is 122.5 US$.

Next we've got the female version of Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P I.R.O, it's weird but very nice to see a female of the King of Pirates, you can grab it from Animarket for 93.5 US$, the release date is also the same for both of this one and Boa Hancock Ver.BB_GOLD, Megahouse launched this Limited Edition to celebrate the new One Piece movie, I personally would like to see a new Lucci figure, but I'm not skipping this one too! She looks divine! Same price as Luffy, 93.5 US$!

That's it guys! Gold luck and Happy preorders!