Friday, January 30, 2015

ZOOM! Thunder Soldier of Rage

It's not just a toy, he's more than a hero, a legendary Gladiator and a father! Thunder Soldier of Rage - P.O.P Sailing Again has a special thing when comparing to all the rest of the collection. Enjoy some picture of Soldier-san.

No need to hide that this toy is in reality the great Kyros, the one legged legendary Gladiator.When he was turned into a toy, everyone forgot his existence. After his transformation, he became a One-Legged Soldier, known as "Thunder Soldier of Rage". He is the commander of the Riku Royal Army. He is also the father of Rebecca.

Kyros is a large muscular man, but as Thunder Soldier, he is a small toy soldier whose body resembles a dark-colored uniform with four buttons. He has a block-shaped head, square eyes with two blush marks painted underneath, a rectangular nose, a small angular mustache, and a hinged mouth. He also has lanky limbs and a wind-up key on his back. He wears a large round hat with the letters "SOL" printed on it. He has a small stub where his left leg used to be, and also carries a small toy rifle.

Since this is toy, Megahouse did right with making articulations. You can rotate his arms and leg and make many different poses since the toy is standing on a transparent peg. The figure also comes with some food pieces (plastic food, so don't try to eat!) in order to interact with Rebecca - POP CB-EX. It's so cute and affecting when placing them together, like father and daughter...

Source: KazuN BLOG