Friday, January 16, 2015

Animarket: Preorders open for Brook, Zoro, Nami & Nojiko CB!!!

Hey guys! Here are the first preorders of 2015 from Animarket! We've got the second wave of the CB reissues, it's the P.O.P CB-2R series, introducing Zoro, Nami and Nojiko, and that's not all, we've also have the most waited for CB figure, our favorite "alive version" skeleton, Soul King a.k.a Brook!

We're finally able to complete the CB Mugiwaras with this one, Brook is available at Animarket, the price is 38.95$, while ZoroNami and Nojiko are listed under 31.95$. This is the good moment for the new collector to get their CB figures while the old one (since 2008) are very hard to find with a non super-extra-burning-expensive-price.

As always Animarket is giving the best prices, they always won with their reliability and their awesome shipping services, so we strongly recommend ans support them. Good luck dear collectors and HAPPY PREORDERS!