Thursday, October 9, 2014

Animarket: Preorders open for Viola, Sadi-Chan & Nami MUGIWARA Ver.2!

Preorders are open and they are sexy! For Animarket's preorders of October, we've got three hor ladies from One Piece! First is the Flamenco lady, Viola - P.O.P Sailing Again is looking amazing pretty and curvaceous! She's $81.50 and will get its release in late of January 2015. Second is the new Limited Edition of Nam tagged under the code-name: MUGIWARA Ver.2, the price is $81.50 too but the release date is one month later... Finally, those who missed it before have got a second chance, a new hope to get the sexy and dangerous Sadi-Chan - P.O.P Limited Edition which is getting a second reprint! Sadi's price is $86.50 and the release date is March 2015. Animarket's preorders are having the best prices, and as always, this is one of the most trusted and serious stores ever! Good luck and happy preorder minna-san!