Sunday, August 31, 2014

ZOOM! Gladiator Rebecca - P.O.P Sailing Again [PART I]

P.O.P Sailing Again Gladiator Rebecca is finally out of the box, not only for the pleasure of the One Piece fans, but for the Sexy Girls lovers too! She's pretty, hot and perfect! The sexy figure is here so we can see what makes of it a very good one, not only her curves... but the shiny and colorful piece that she is! Enjoy the first part of the ZOOM, we'll be back soon for a second part where we will reveal the most hot details of her!

I'm not sure from where should I start, the figure is really eye-catchy! The details are perfect, the colors are shiny and the body is so sexy! Let's just pick up something and begin with! First attractive think was the colors and how shiny Rebecca's armor is! Despite it's very few for a real armor, but it looks good! The helmet-head (because you can't just remove the helmet, there is a second head where it's fixed on!) is very nice and showing a serious Rebecca with a high contrast colors and shiny metallic gold painting.

In addition to the ridge helmet, she wears a revealing golden scale armor bikini, with an amazing turquoise paludamentum, as well as a pair of greaves and gloves, and high-heeled armor.

The body looks a fair-skinned, slender, curvaceous and well endowed, she has long braided hair which is softly painted with some pink color gradients. The second head (without the helmet), is revealing a smiling pretty face and her braid splits off into two strands starting at her temples.

Rebecca carries a large sword and shield. The texture of the shield is pretty nice and looks like real wooden piece! Useless to describe the sword for the P.O.P fans, you all know how amazing they are!

Rebecca is considered extremely attractive and beautiful by the other gladiators in the One Piece story, her respective figure is not making an exclusion since it's extremely attractive too! There is more surprises with this figure! And yes, you're right perverted minds! You can undress her, so we will make a second part for the review with a NSFW shot session! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!