Thursday, August 7, 2014

Animarket: Preorders open for Fujitora, Sugar Sailing Again & Hancock Neo DX!!!

Preorders have just been opened at Animarket! P.O.P Sailing Again Issho Fujitora and Sugar are available there too and you now can secure your figures! More than this, there is a third reissue for all who missed the rare and sexy Boa Hancock.

Fujitora, the new Marine admiral looks epic and badass, the new figure signed MAS will show his blade for the public in November 2014. The price is amazing, only $91 for the blind guy, don't resist guys!

The liddle (old) lady looks cute and colorful, actually Sugar will get its release a month later than Fujitora, it will be available during the last days of December. Animarket listed her for another best price, it's $39.95 for the Donquixote special officer.

Finally, there is a very nice and big surprise for all Boa Hancock lovers! Megahouse is releasing the Red version for a third time, and they now include the winkle face with it! Preorders are up too for Boa Hancock - P.O.P Neo DX special reproduction for $84.95 only!

Best prices are always at Animarket! Good luck and happy preorders guys!