Portrait Of Collectors: Nancy E. Ramos

Today, we're talking to another awesome collector, she's cool, friendly, serious collector and pretty. Many of us knows her better as "Artificial Kid",she's here today to talk about her passion so... we proudly introduce Nancy E. Ramos, the 1000 figures girl!

Hi! I went very casual in this interview. I hope its enough!

My name is Nancy E. Ramos and I am a 28 year old Register Nurse who lives in Southern California. I have an older brother who first introduce me to anime when I was 15 and ever since I have been addicted. First anime series I have ever seen was Tenchi Muyo, then I was obsess in drawing anime characters. As years pass, I have found my ultimate way to show my love for the anime culture in having a great collection of anime figures.

What about One Piece ?

My brother showed me the OP opening when it first premiered in Japan. To tell you the truth, I was scared of Luffy and thought he was extremely too happy and showed too much of his gums. I didn't care for it...BUT I actually sat and watched it. Hooked at the first episodes. I knew this show is something great and different.

How did you start your figure collection?

Again...my brother! (haha) He bought me these very beautiful figures of Melissa Seraphy from Waggamama and Victoria from HELLSING. They were displayed over the computer and I loved seeing them there. Sadly, once I started college, I was barely getting by, I had to pay for my nursing books and had no money. So I sold them both to make ends meet. I vowed that once I become a nurse, I would buy them back. Well I have them back now, and I went overboard and bought over 900 figures by now.

The 1000 pieces collection...

According to my MFC account, I have 939 figures, 68 ordered figures, 118 Goods and 13 ordered Goods. They are all pretty much busting from the seams in the master bedroom, I will have to buy a storage unit soon. I do have my favorite figures and I do try to take a picture of every figure I own.

Ahhh! I'm practically stating every figure, forget it. I see beauty in all the figures I have. I adore each and every one of them. Why else would I spend my hard earn cash on them? So favorite P.O.P? Hmm... it's sooooo extremely hard to make a choice. I'm terribly in love with Buggy the Clown from the show - BUT since he doesn't have a P.O.P (Grrr...) - I'd say I'm partial to Bellmer. I know she has some flaws and the one I have doesn't even have her cigarette (I made one out of paper), but she is a character I truly love. Her personal comes out with the figure as well. She's badass but she's a woman and a mother. She ached for her children and smiled as she did. I adore this figure and is my all time treasure.

The love-story...

I feel like it's a my birthday every time I open my door to my mailman holding my shipments. Every month I get a present for myself. Opening them up and taking pics, I love admiring my figures and discussing them. They are my addiction, truly. But it hits rather hard when you see the bank, I need to stop for a while but then preorders come out and I'm at it again. Its a love hate relationship truly. I think you have to be a figure collector to really understand. You can't just STOP... but you can try to slow it down.

I enclosed my figures in boxes upon boxes so I never have much worry. At times I leave it out and it's only my brother who goes near them. At times when I get up a figure for photos, something breaks or falls, I get a heart attack. I usually stare at the situation for a really long time and feel a complete despair. I never felt such despair.

How to store such a massive collection...

That is a question! I keep my figures in the only AC control room, in their respective boxes, then regrouped in bigger boxes stacked up and it has truly become a nuisance. I want a storage unit but I have to interview them. Yes, I am so stuck up about my figures that they need a completely Class A storage unit. I'll keep you guys updated on what I find out there!

What are the characters that you want to see get P.O.P'd in the future?

WHY IS THERE NOT A BUGGY P.O.P YET?? I just don't understand. He is a wonderful character, introduce prior most of the Strawhats currently, and he has contributed greatly to plot lines and tone of the show. He had been my favorite since I saw him laugh proudly next to his Buggy Cannon. I admire his confidence and his ability to keep me laughing so why doesn't he have a P.O.P yet! Characters that were introduced just months ago get P.O.Ps... Why do they hate on Buggy? I think by now, I deserve 3 figures of Buggy, one being his original costume, one being his prison navy wear and one post time-skip once that is revealed. Oh and Ben Beckman was a waste to me. I said it... I don't apologize for it...