Animarket: Preorder now! DX Shiliew, EX Boa Blue ver. & Teach 1.5!

Hey guys, this month is full of new figures (at least, new versions) and Animarket is always bringing the best of it. For November, we finally get Shiliew's preorders, I've personally been waiting for that figure since the first time I saw the prototype. Again, Megahouse uses a dynamic pose, another ready-for-action statue that was made by the precious talents of Fukuda Takashi, Shiliew deserve to get all this care because of his charismatic look and sober villain style. Then comes our beloved Boa Hancock, Megahouse decided to not create a new figure of her after the time-skip, and they didn't even called this a Sailing Again version but EX Blue ver., maybe because the Anime preserved the old look of her instead of her blue dress in the manga after the time skip, who knows! Anyway, this blue dress is what the princess wore after the 2 years.
Finally, Marshall D. Teach makes his come back to the POP Collection with a remake of his first and unique figure. It's called: 1.5 version! Yes, even Black-Beard have the right to get his edited clone! In this version, many details have been edited and look better; the pirate hat is longer, the colors are closer to the anime, and the most important thing is that new scaring face, totally full of  hate and craziness, it's really insane! This really deserves to be hunted, even for people who already have the first edition. Here is the figures at Animarket website, they really have the best price and services: (Click on the image to be redirected to the store page).