Saturday, February 2, 2019

Carrot is getting a P.O.P figure!

Good news to start the month with! Carrot is finally joining our shelves since Megahouse have announced it, it's going to be awesome! Also, someone else is joining the party, as a Neo MAXIMUM... Who is it?!

So yes, it's finally happening, we still need to see how it will be, Carrot will be a Limited Edition, let's just pray it will not be fan-service product, the release date is announced to be October 2019!

But it's not all, while you are all happy with Carrot, Megahouse is bringing another Neo Maximum figure, if it's the same they teased during Jump Festa, it will be Ace for sure since he can't be a SA-MAX, you know, he's dead! So let's just wait and see, probably during the Wonder Festival we will get some great revelations! The release date of the unknown figure is November 2019! Stay tuned folks!