Tuesday, January 8, 2019

P.O.P MAXIMUM: Who is the Mysterious Character?

During the Jump Festa, Megahouse teased another MAXIMUM figure, the debate started about who is the mysterious character and the opinions were divided between two One Piece stars, Nami and Portgas D. Ace! But who is the one we're talking about?

I waited long time before announcing it (no surprise you already saw the image on our Fb during the Jump Festa coverage) so who is that character? I saw some awesome comments and opinions about it, so I decided to highlight them here:

First things are first, here is the poster as Megahouse dropped it:

People were split principally between Nami and Ace, we have our friend Joe D. Lumia who dropped his theory about Nami (that I personally support):

"Looks like Nami with Zeus if I had to guess... White circle at the top looks like her hair, light blue circle to the left looks like climatact, green circle to the right looks like lightning, and dark blue circle looks like Zeus himself."

Other people think it's simply another awesome Portgas D. Ace figure, and other went farther saying it might be the Luffy/Ace Marine Ford epic moment, Grégory Dodre another member of the community have made his own drawing to put the shape of Ace in the shadowed piece:

A nice move from Megahouse, but what really is, I can't tell for the moment, honestly, it can be both! So we just have to wait for more information and details in the future! Stay tuned folks if you want the correct guess! It will be here soon, from official sources!