Updates! Chopper Ver.OT & Akainu Reprint Announcement!

Yo guys! Let's make an update for the future releases we'll get! While you all know that we have a calendar on the left sidebar, but from time to time we have to explain some points concerning some future releases freshly announced by Megahouse! We've got a Chopper and the Sakazuki figure is about to get reprint...

Yes, Akainu Sakazuki is getting a reprint, not cool for all who are happy with an old figure, but what can we do for Megahouse, a gold-digger company (isn't this a normal goal for a company?), after a reprint announced for Kizaru (will get released this month), Ace's killer is getting a reissue in March 2019, the price is still unknown.

Next we've got the good-bad news concerning this outstanding figure of Roronoa Zoro, a.k.a Ver.3000 Worlds, it's not a Limited Edition anymore, it's a SA-MAXIMUM! Good because the great quality of the MAX figures, because Megahouse pushes the limits with them and because they are amazing, so we expect more effects like the Tsume figure maybe?
Bad news because MAX figures are extremely expensive, and we don't want to get all of the popular characters in MAX, please Megahouse don't redo the BB/SOC/IRO mistake with MAXIMUM tag!

Finally, a new Tony Tony Chopper is being announced, the doctor is doing a comeback to the series, after a heroic Chopperman line (XD) and Crimin (useless) reprints. Doc is back after more than 4 years of real absence, since the last piece was Horn Point in February 2014!

So what is this version about? It's called Ver.OT, depending to some urban dictionaries, OT can mean a lot of thing, but most close terms are:
  • "Over-Time" Time beyond an established limit, such as in working hours or sports games.
  • "Ot". A word used to replace the number "zero". 
  • "On Trafalgar". That wasn't from a dictionary, thank you Jose-san!
So it can be a Monster Point version, pushing all his limits, as it can be a workout Chopper, training his brain or muscles as it can be a Version.0, the very first Tony Tony Chopper (before or after the Devil fruit?) but the last to expect, an accessory to put on Trafalgar. Who knows, only next days will confirm! So stay tuned guys!