Friday, April 20, 2018

Megahouse celebrating 3 years of ... BB

Megahouse are celebrating 3 years of BB figures! 3 Years with almost 15 (or even more, feels very lazy to count them), but at least I know that Megahouse is releasing a 6th BB of Nami, and it's another lazy reprint! But at least, you have a minor acting effect on this, you have to vote!

You will have to chose one of these 5 repaints, winner will get a release, that's all!

I strongly recommend to not vote, so they know they are giving cheap fan-service, not even a new respectful release, but another repaint of another Nami that already have another repaint! Just like they did to celebrate 20 years of One Piece, Megahouse is using the cheapest and easiest way to gather money, but I guess this will never be bless to them, since sooner or later, people are getting bored and many of you have moved to custom figures, that are (honestly) great and trying to fulfill all the holes that Megahouse is leaving, you can check the page of Jose Ucles, he's gathering all the information about them!

So that's all! I suggest that no one go and vote, so if this can affect the number of voters, I know my post will not reach all the POP collectors, but I need your help to spread the word, this vote is cheap and need to be left, so I count on you, result will be given during the Megahobby EXPO next month!

Here is the link to the votes: Don't click!