Friday, March 14, 2014

ZOOM! Roronoa Zoro Edition-Z

Today we're reviewing one of the most Edition-Z waited figures, it's Roronoa Zoro! The Mugiwaras' swordsman who is back with a 10th figure in the P.O.P series! For the first time, Zoro is in dynamic position, he's ready for fight as he's ready to decorate your shelves! You want to know more about this figure? Just keep reading!

So the new figure of Zoro is the 6th Edition-Z figure. Just after the captain in the last month, time has come for his right hand and first member to join the crew! Once unpacked and put on its base, the figure is looking so good; we've got a serious, handsome but green-haired guy with 3 blades, so better to not deal with him.

The face is a success apart, I personally thought that no other Zoro figure will look as good as the Sailing Again one, but this new (to the POP series) sculptor made it awesome; Ampere アンペア(リボルブ) just made a glorious entry to this divine collection and this make us happy. The hair is a bit longer and spikier than as the SA Zoro, but honestly looks nicer, the figure is totally badass! Oh and he can finally have his black bandanna and be as serious as he wants! I would say, it's the weak point of the figure, the bandanna is a good idea, but I think it could have been looking better because it looks thick...

Zoro's wears remain the same except the colors which are inverted, and the Movie Z cape. Actually, he wears a long, open dark-red coat, closed on his waist by a green sash, in which his swords are tucked, he has no shirt underneath, and his green haramaki is visible under the coat. It's too bad that the black bandanna is not tied around the left sleeve when he's not wearing it on his head. The boots are really amazing, the dirt traces on them looks very nice and is a new addition because we're used to the very clean shoes for all the previous figures! With the new red and gold cape, Zoro looks badass more than ever! He's just spectacular!

Now the turn of his 3 blades, they all look good and very detailed. This is not new when it's about a P.O.P figure, they are all very well made. With this figure, you can have the santoryu attack position, you can also make him use only 2 of his katanas, all the possibilities are nice and really deserve to be tried...