God Eneru - P.O.P Neo MAXIMUM

This is Eneru (エネル, Enel), auto-proclamed God of Thunder (sorry Thor) and Skypiea and it's his second entry as a Portrait of Pirates figure, after a satisfying 2011 first attempt, the thunder boy is back for a release in September 2023, so exactly after 12 years!

  • Character(s): God Eneru (神・エネル)
  • Classification(s): P.O.P Neo MAXIMUM
  • Origin(s): Skypiea
  • Sculptor(s): Pinpoint (ピンポイント) / Yubon (ゆうぼん)
  • Release Price: ¥30.000 
  • Release Dates: 2023/09 Limited
  • Dimensions: L=140mm (5.46in)  H=385mm (15.02in)