God Enel is back?

Feels so good to write back here! Last night was the first physical Megahobby event since 2019, thanks to COVID19 who changed the world we used to know for the past few years, anyway, we're here to make some joy, and Megahouse is making fun and giving us some hints about the next P.O.P MAXIMUM character, who can it be? Oh wait, is that Enel?

Hmmm, I would say yes, three big hints on this photo gives details from the auto-proclaimed god himself. First important thing to notice is that this is going to be a POP MAXIMUM figure, and not a SA-MAXIMUM (Sailing Again) which means, the character in question is not a post time-skip character, or at least of pre-time skip looking one.

Megahouse teasing the new MAXIMUM figure!

Next detail to discuss is the apple, we saw Enel eating some apple during some scene, but honestly, is this is good clue to give about someone like him? Come on Megahouse, do some efforts! In the other side of the apple, there is something like a gold thing, I'm not very sure, but are they referring to the arch Maxim; the big flying boat Enel wanted to use to reach the moon?

"I'm beginnin' to feel like a Rap God, Rap God"

The Ark Maxim is Enel's colossal flying ark. It was built by Gan Fall's men for Enel.

We also have the four circles around the logo and text, this clue is pretty clear! It's him for sure, it's about the four wooden shime-daiko drums set next to and above his head, Megahouse gave them more divine look and wrong symbols (unfortunately), but it's still close (I hope).

Things being said, we'll just wait for Megahouse next month to reveal the new figure and then we will know if our guesses were right or false, but, do we really need a new Enel figure?

I'll give my own opinion about that, there is no spoils here, so don't worry. Enel needs to make a comeback sooner or later, so I always hoped for a new Enel figure, but in the right time! There is nothing yet in the manga to make of him a trending this period (Q4, 2022) and there is so many characters that could profit of that opportunity, but you know Megahouse, hard to guess their right moves.

But, despite that I loved it when it was released, the Neo DX Enel figure didn't age-well when I look at it now, very faded, no effects and even his clothes have the wrong proportions, so hell yeah, WE WANT A-PERFECT-BADASS-IN-ACTION-ELECTRIC-GOD, so please do Megahouse, keep us dreaming about the next month!

That's all folks, Megahouse also gave us a New Sogeking and more photos of the upcoming Big Mom in all its splendor! Check out the Fb album here!

I also have decided to give the website more time and revive it, so expect more steps very soon!

author: ala21ddin21